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Project Update

The project is currently working to source large scale datasets that are representative of housing throughout the UK and provide information from EPCs, actual fuel costs, and household occupancy. These datasets form the basis for the project to demonstrate at a robust scale the capacity to more accurately predict individual home’s fuel costs.

Should you believe you can help with the provision of data, which will be kept confidential within the project and to comply fully with the requirements of Data Protection, please do get in touch.

Project Key Dates

-       December 2015 - Project Launch (London)

-       April 2016 – Project Update (Wales)

-       April 2016 – Industry Round Table

-       September 2016 – Project Update Briefing

-       December 2016 – Industry Briefing

-       April 2017 – Project Final Report Launch

Project Background

The LENDERS project builds on a concept from BRE developed since 2010 by CEW & BRE and parallel research since 2014 by UCL & UKGBC, all of which that demonstrates a link between a property's energy efficiency (including Energy Performance Certificate rating  EPCs) and actual fuel costs (this is not the EPC’s own fuel predictions which are widely reported as inaccurate/distrusted but rather the EPC rating itself along with other property factors) to produce a quantifiable link between energy efficiency and fuel costs.


Homes and buildings account for 40%+ of the UKs CO2 emissions and consume the bulk of our energy – the drivers to reduce energy consumption and CO2 are well documented and tie in with the global agreement on carbon reduction targets achieved at the COP21 conference in 2015, EU regulations and targets around carbon reduction and the UK’s own Kyoto target to reduce CO2 by 80% by 2050. Non-government financial incentives are seen as a key aspect of driving consumer and industry change in this area 





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